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San Francisco, CA
United States


An Amazing Man

mike c


It’s with a heavy heart to let our community know that Buff Harding passed away the first week of September, 2015.

For West Portal Elementary and CPAP, his team, the Dragon Runners, is the heart of our program.  

The magnificent, colorful, flashing, electrical taped Dragon was hand crafted by Buff himself many, many years ago!


We never quite knew exactly when practice was, we never quite knew exactly where practice was, and we never knew exactly where they were on Parade Day. 

But he was always there.

Just around the corner, down the street on West Portal Avenue, or entering the TV zone in Union Square, just outside of my view... 

When I think back about what makes our community so special, I think of Buff.

He embodies what makes our community so special:

  • education
  • community
  • culture
  • leadership
  • begin part of something bigger than ourselves


  Program Director:

  West Portal Elementary 西門小學
  Chinese Performing Arts Program
  San Francisco