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Welcome year of the Ram!


Welcome year of the Ram!

mike c

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the incredible community of West Portal Elementary. CPAP and Silver Dragon Kung Fu, kicked off the new year season by performing at the Asian Art Museum today!

Our Stilts, Ribbons, Fans, and the Silver Dragon's spent a rainy afternoon working with small groups of kids, showing others how we do what we do --twirling ribbons, dancing to music, walking tall, and fighting strong...  

It was an incredible departure from our "normal" stage performance routines.  I am inspired by our kids, and their ability to teach.  As you know, one of the programs missions, is to encourage our kids to give back as they get older, by coming back and teaching the younger kids what they learned from their mentors.  

This holiday season, please take a moment to reflect, and be very proud of what your kids have accomplished.   Please let your kids know, how proud you are of what they do.  Our kids are doing something very very special.

Thank you for building an incredible community to which we are a part!